tpc-matchpoint - Management Software sports centres

tpc-matchpoint / Management Software sports centres

tpc-matchpoint is a software programme that enables comprehensive management of your centre, intended for both private clubs and sports centres, centres with high capacity and small sports facilities.

Get the most out of your sports centre with classes and competitions.

Choose the profile that best suits your centre

  • tpc-matchpoint was designed to enable management of both large- and medium-sized sports facilities, such as family gyms, personal training centres, dance academies, etc.

    Its user interface is very easy to use and extremely intuitive.

    Unlike other sports centre management products, tpc-matchpoint is completely flexible, adapting to the requirements and working methods of each centre rather than imposing a single working method.

  • Web presence

    Web presence

    Through the website, give your community of players all the information about the centre and the activities taking place there, making sure they're always up-to-date with events, news, promotions and new services.

  • Mobile app

    Mobile app

    Our Android and iPhone apps give your customers a very easy, quick and effective tool for making reservations, looking up events and viewing up-to-date information in real time.

  • Access control

    Access control

    We offer you a wide range of options to control access to the centre which are integrated within tpc-matchpoint. As part of the access control system, we offer you a wall panel that allows your employees to control entry.