• Customer management
  • Customer management

Customer management

You may store all information related to your customers in a single file, keeping at all times information about your activities in the center, outstanding payments or information on your access to the intranet.

If you use the intranet service, your customers will be able to register via the web and access their account to keep their personal information up to date.

Its main features are:

  • OK General contact information.
  • OK Economic and accounting information.
  • OK Photo.
  • OK Several addresses.
  • OK Management of various bank accounts.
  • OK Relations with other clients.
  • OK Segmentation of clients by groups, professions, age, etc.
  • OK Agenda.
  • OK Consolidation of information with coaches records.
  • OK Account Status Information.
  • OK Access to all customer activity in the center.
  • OK Sending of emails, SMS and mobile notifications to all customers in the database.

  • Management of membership fees or clients
  • Management of membership fees or clients

Management of membership fees or clients

The management of subscribers is critical as in many cases it represents the most important income for the center. That is why we have a series of tools to set up, manage and monitor everything related to fees and subscribers.

Through the different screens you will be able to create new types of subscribers, exclusive rates and discounts for customers.

You can easily consult and extract reports that let you know the status of subscribers, outstanding fees and the progression of income.

Its main features are:

  • OK Maintenance of subscription data.
  • OK Different rates depending on groups or customers.
  • OK Different rates for family members.
  • OK Possibility of suspending/resuming the subscription.
  • OK Monitoring of outstanding fees.
  • OK Remittance of fees by bank with other services.

  • Gestión de comunicaciones

Communications Management

Automate communications with your customers with our system of email templates and push notifications. Customize mails with our label system of more than 100 variables.

Its main features are:

  • OK Creation of mailings templates.
  • OK Automatic mail assistance, birthdays, releases, absences, downloads, etc.
  • OK Customization of mails for customers.
  • OK Push notifications to the mobile APP.
  • OK Automatic reminders of classes, activities, reservations, etc.

  • Access control

Access control

As part of the access control system, we offer you a wall panel that will allow your employees to control the access to the facilities.

The wall panel can also be used as a support for placing advertisements or as a multimedia center services, etc.

We offer you a wide range of integrated options for controlling the access to the club.

Its main features are:

  • OK Definition of zones.
  • OK Access points.
  • OK Profiles.
  • OK Anti-pass-back system.
  • OK Several identification systems.

  • App Trainers
  • App Trainers
  • App Trainers
  • App Trainers

APP Trainers

Provide your trainers with the most advanced tool to manage their scheduled classes and courses. With it they will be able to communicate with their students and to note down the attendance.

Its main characteristics are:

  • OK Management of personal agenda.
  • OK Communication system with the students.
  • OK Request for cancellation or postponement of classes.
  • OK Control of the attendance.

  • POS and sale of products
  • POS and sale of products

POS and sale of products

If you have items for sale or sports equipment for rent, we offer you a series of tools to take control of sales, control the stock stored and keep track of suppliers and purchasing prices. It can also be used for food and beverage.

You can group items by families, subfamilies and define different properties for each type of item (size, color, etc.). The stock can be updated automatically just by loading the invoice of your provider into the software.

Its main features are:

  • OK Simultaneous sales.
  • OK Several stores. Suppliers database. Printing of tickets.
  • OK Control of the stock.
  • OK Registration of suppliers and purchase prices.
  • OK Receipt of delivery notes and invoices from the suppliers.

  • Sport centre web design
  • Sport centre web design

Sport centre web design

Our product provides you with a variety of communication tools.

Through it you can keep in touch with to your community and inform all the customers of your activities, events, promotions and new services.

Its main features are:

  • OK Responsive and customized Web page for your center.
  • OK Comfortable management from the tpc-matchpoint application.
  • OK Publication of news, events, championships and schools.
  • OK Preregistration forms for different activities.

  • Custom mobile app

    Custom mobile app

    Take your club in your pocket!

    Our product brings you a series of tools for online communication.

    Through it you will be able to communicate to your community of players all the information of the center and the activity that it develops, always keeping them informed of events, promotions and new services.

    Don't miss the opportunities offered by this communication channel.

    The App will improve the corporate image of the club, giving you an advantage over the competitors. Using the app to communicate with your customers will help you save time.

  • App móvil tpc-matchpoint

    Custom mobile app

    Take your club in your pocket!

    Our version of tpc-matchpoint for mobile phones complies with our commitment to innovate and offer several channels for bookings, communication, information, community building, etc.

    Its main characteristics are:

    • - Customized for the club.
    • - Notifications.
    • - Bookings.
    • - Play match system!.
    • - Payment by card, with balance or in the club.
    • - Link to club news.

Communication with users

Communication with users

We have search filters for mailing, SMS, mobile notifications, and you can also manage the publication on the Web and APP.

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